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KOTO Chicago-Hong Kong Collaboration Meeting

July 7 - 9, 2017

University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong

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The KOTO Chicago Hong Kong Collaboration Meeting will be held at the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong.

The collaboration meeting fee for senior personel (i.e. non-student) is USD$120 and USD$80 for students. Please pay the exact amount with US dollars at the meeting. We will not have the luxury to make change on site.

Official agenda:

Click here to view the meeting via Webex
Meeting number (access code): 920 374 979
Meeting password: koto

The Hong Kong AC outlet is 220V and with a different shape. Most modern equipment auto adapt to the 220V, but the shape adapter will be needed. Plese bring the appropriate AC shape adapter or ask for one at your hotel.

A large number of participants are staying at the same hotel. It will be convenient to take a taxi to go to the Cyberport building 2 (6th floor), with 3-4 people sharing a taxi, the cost should be very low. Most taxi drivers will understand English, but just in case, ask the hotel front desk to write the Cyberport address in Cantonese to show to the driver.

Official website for the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong:
Center contact and location details:
Cyberport Arcade details:
Cyberport Arcade dining options:

Thank you for attending!